Welcome to Nulla Lux Sine Tenebrous, home of the good Brother Darkness!

Some of you may know me from Silicon Dreams, where I have blogged intermittently for a number of years now. Whilst Silicon Dreams is a blog devoted to, in theory at least, matters pertaining to the minutiae of software development, it has over time (more and more often) veered into other topics, such as writing, philosophy, morality and general rants.

I have decided, for those people who subscribe to Silicon Dreams primarily for the technical content, which is likely the majority of my readers, to peel off these non-technical aspects and instead post them here. This becomes especially important now as we near November, when I plan to attempt NaNoWriMo for the first time. I expect I’ll be posting updates here quite regularly and I have no desire to annoy those hoping for information of a more useful nature to the technologically inclined.

This blog then is going to be devoted purely to the whim of the moment. Expect rants of politics and hypocrisy (I’m looking at you Apple), musings on the art and craft of writing, reposts of interesting articles and maybe I’ll even post a picture of a cat or two (likely sans bacon).

I expect I’ll post somewhat less than John Scalzi, but hopefully somewhat more than Jim Butcher.



About frater

Author, Software Architect, Husband and Father.
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