NaNoWriMo Day 2

Day 2 and still on track!

Word Count for the Day: 1889 words
Total Word count so far: 3767 words

Progress: Chapter 1 is finished with one scene more than planned, though I suspect when I go back to rewrite this chapter it will probably end up as two separate chapters, with the first two scenes expanding substantially.  Still, for now I’m feeling good and on track. Had the first moment tonight when my characters seemed to do something unexpected, in this case it was a bit of back-history about my protagonist that I didn’t know myself until it went down on page.

I am pretty exhausted now though, I’m finding it difficult to get going until till after my toddler goes to bed which has been pretty late this week as we’ve all been having trouble sleeping, so the review of Scrivener will have to wait till tomorrow.  I’ve hit on a plan however, I’ll blog while she’s awake and write while she sleeps. Blogging takes far less attention I find.

Rest time now.  More tomorrow!


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