NaNoWriMo – Days 7 & 8

I failed my first day yesterday, day seven of NaNoWriMo, getting no writing done for the day.  I did begin and got maybe a hundred words or two done but never got back to the computer after that so decided to roll them in to today’s wordcount.  It seems my wife has caught the big brother of whatever illness has had my daughter upset the last few days, and I spent my birthday looking after the pair of them and the evening in the emergency room at the nearest hospital, while they ran some tests on her.

Things look OK for now, best guess is some sort of flu-like virus with particularly nasty symptoms.  In anycase, i’ve completely burned the small amount of padding I had gathered by overshooting the mark by a couple of hundred words each night and now find myself slightly behind.  I will attempt to catch up again by overshooting my mark a little each day, and perhaps throw my own night-of-5000 words or two when the dust has settled from this little epidemic.  Hopefully I will remain free of illness myself.

On to today’s stats:

Word Count for the day: 1813 words
Total Word Count so far: 12869 words


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