NaNoWriMo – Days 20 & 21

Once again life got in the way and I didn’t get my words done for Saturday, which led to me spending the entire afternoon Sunday making up for it. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to reach 40k as I’d hoped, though if yesterday hadn’t been a wash it would have been a definite possibility. It also looks like I’ll need to do some major replotting soon as I’m eating up plot points at an enormous rate and I’m going to need some more very shortly.

Word Count for the day: 4157 words.
Total Word Count so far: 37,105 words.

Getting close now, it’s going to be hard to resist the urge to just sprint the last 10,000 and get it done early!


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One Response to NaNoWriMo – Days 20 & 21

  1. Dr8k says:

    Lol, ‘hard to resist sprinting the last 10k’. bastard 😛

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