What makes a writer?

The inkpunks have an interesting post up regarding the question of when you can call yourself a writer.  It’s a topic I don’t worry too much about nowadays but I remember being obsessed with the idea when I was younger and falling in love with the idea of being a writer.

Lots of people write, or want to write, and we’ve all met those people who will talk at great length of their fantastic idea for a novel (or game, or television show, or movie) but never get around to putting pen to paper, and as a young adult I felt a burning need to distance myself from those people and assure myself that I was ‘better’ in some way.

In any case, there is not much I can add to the eloquent musings of the inkpunks, so go over there and read what hey have to say about it:


My own opinion? I must admit it’s not original, I think I first heard it from Holly Lisle years ago at Forward Motion – Real writers write.  If you’re putting words on paper, claim the title.


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